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Leonardtown, MD 20650

About Speakeasies

During the Prohibition-era, speakeasies popped up under the radar around the country as a practical function for Americans. They acted as a discreet outlet for people to meet up and have drinks together.
Secret rooms, minimalist décor, low-lighting, and an eccentric experience allowed the libations to be distributed although it was banned from the day-to-day activities throughout America.

The resurgence of speakeasies in New York over the past decade has created a sophisticated spin on the typical bar scene. It creates a stylish, trendy alternative to the usual dive or sports bar and alludes an exclusivity factor and in-the-know mindset.

What is a modern-day speakeasy? Typically you can't tell it's a bar from the outside. The storefront could be completely different in the daytime, and at night a secret room is open that serves as a bar.

A classic, clean look with throwback music set the stage.
The small numbers of seats available are for reservations and walk-ins, and the romantic, quaint setting sets the mood for a place that welcomes good conversations. Enjoy the perfect cocktail from our mixologist along with the perfect atmosphere.

Logo, Coffee Bar in Leonardtown, Maryland

For Reservations Call
(301) 475-8800 and ask for your password to enter.


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